2 Occasions On Which It Would Be Wise to Call a Locksmith

Many Australian homeowners never think twice about the locks on the doors and windows of their homes. However, there are a couple of occasions when it is important that you call in a professional locksmith so they can work on the locks in your home.

You have lost your keys or lent them to someone

It is very easy to lose your keys. The danger of losing your keys is that if they are lost in a location where people know who you are and where you live, they may find and keep the keys so they can use them to enter your home when you are not in. Alternatively, you may have had to give a copy of the keys to a contractor who needs access your home so they could complete their work while you were at work. 

In both these situations, the keys to your home are out of your control and could be copied and used to gain illegal entry. If either of these situations arises, you should contact a locksmith and ask them to change the locks on the front and back door of your home. The locksmith will fit the new locks and issue you with new keys. If you want to prevent this situation from occurring, you may wish to opt for a digital keypad which can be easily programmed with a new code if needed.

You notice that some of the locks are faulty

If you find that the front door locks in your home are sticking when you attempt to open or close them, this means that you are at an increased risk of becoming locked out if the key breaks or the lock becomes completely stuck. If this occurs, you will need to hang around until an emergency locksmith can make it out to you.

If the locks on the windows in your home are faulty, an intruder may be able to gain entry into your home by forcing the window from the outside. Someone who is experienced at breaking and entering can force a window in a matter of seconds, and once they are inside your home, they will be able to take whatever they like. 

Calling a locksmith when you notice that the locks in your home are faulty is the smart thing to do. The locksmith will be able to repair or replace the locks on the doors and windows of your home to make sure that they are secure.

For further information, contact a locksmith today.