Residential Storage Sheds: Three Considerations for Ideal Padlock Selection

Storage sheds on residential properties are often neglected and the doors left open. However, if you are planning on using this outdoor structure for storing your valuable equipment or other assets, you should consider improving the security measures to deter intruders. One of the easiest ways to enhance the protection of your storage space is installing high-security padlocks. These products are hard to infiltrate and setting them up is simple. If you are interested in this security option, here are some considerations to help you during padlock selection.


When choosing a padlock for your storage shed, you should evaluate the material used to construct the different locking products. If you are interested in light security because of the low value of the stored items, you can purchase plastic or aluminium padlocks. These are not highly tamper-resistant but they can withstand the elements and deter most thieves. If you require better security for your space, stronger materials such as steel and brass are more favourable. Steel is cut-resistant and durable. However, choose stainless steel for better outdoor performance. Brass is also sturdy and weather-resistant; it is perfect for general locking applications.

Keying Options

You should evaluate the keying options for the padlocks before selection, especially if you want high-level security. In general, you should choose a product with complex key profiles. For example, some lock keys are difficult to duplicate; extra copies must be ordered from the supplier or manufacturer. Alternatively, you can select padlocks which can be rekeyed to accept a different key if the original get stolen. You should also look into other keying features. For instance, if you are concerned about lockouts, consider acquiring key-retaining padlocks, which are also known as non-removable keys. 

Special Performance Features

Finally, you should look out for unique performance features in the preferred locks. Manufacturers often add some elements to padlocks to increase security or other aspects. For example, you can choose locks with shields or shrouds to protect the shackle from cutting. Weather-resistant padlocks have special coverings to protect against corrosion and rust. Laminated locks have multiple layers of metal in the body structure, minimising the risk of forceful tampering. Also, you can acquire a lock with a combination instead of keyed access. 

If you are not sure about the best locking option for your outdoor storage shed, you should consult a licensed locksmith. The expert will help you choose and install the best products based on your needs.