Why Contact a Locksmith Instead of Using an Improvised Z-Bar to Open Your Door?

It's easy to get locked out of your home, and some people are tempted to try break back in instead of calling a mobile locksmith. This can be especially tempting if the door isn't double-locked. People have been able to slip a bent bar through their letterbox, turn the bar until it meets the handle inside, then push down to open the door. In fact, this method is often used by burglars, and the bar is sometimes known as a z-bar or burglar bar.

It can work, but there are a number of reasons why you should simply call a mobile locksmith instead.

You Could Damage Your Property

Locksmiths actually carry their own special bars for opening doors, but they are made fit for the purpose, with soft rubber ends and precise shaping to avoid any damage. You probably don't have one, and an improvised device is likely to be quite rough. By using one to try an open a door from the outside, you could scratch up your door and walls or risk dropping the bar entirely and breaking a floor tile.

You Could Damage Your Lock

Modern locks are reasonably tough, but they can still be damaged. If you try roughly using a bar to open the door, you can knock the handle out of alignment or otherwise damage the mechanism. This could necessitate quite an expensive repair, and it probably means waiting longer to be let back inside when a locksmith does show up.

You Could Be Mistaken for a Burglar

You might know that you're not breaking into someone else's property, but those passing by will probably jump to a different conclusion. You never know who could see you while looking out of a window or driving past in a car, and anyone who does spot you might naturally assume that you are a burglar and call the police. It's not like you're going to face any legal consequences, but it can be embarrassing and time-consuming to explain the situation to the police, especially if you don't have any identification on you.

You Could Hurt Yourself

Finally, keep in mind that it's relatively easy to hurt yourself while trying to open your door with an improvised z-bar. It's not like serious injury is going to result, but you could easily bash, scrape, or strain your fingers. It's much more pleasant, and a lot safer, to simply contact a locksmith instead.