How an Auto Locksmith Can Help You to Protect Your Classic Car

A classic car is a pretty big investment. If you have recently bought a classic car, you will want to make sure that it is protected against the risk of theft. Because of their high value, classic cars are very attractive targets for criminals. Below is a guide to how an auto locksmith can help you to protect your classic car and lower your insurance premiums.

Electronic locks

The majority of classic cars still feature the original locks on the door. These locks are quite basic in design and can be easily opened by an experienced criminal who targets cars. All the criminal will need to do to gain entry is to insert a wire through a partially opened window so they can pull up the handle on the interior of the door, as if someone were trying to exit the vehicle. Alternatively, they may pick the lock using special tools. An auto locksmith can install electronic locks on your classic car which require an electronic key. These types of modern locks offer much better protection against someone breaking into your car. The auto locksmith will be able to leave the original metal handles in place so that your car retains its classic look.


Most classic cars were manufactured before the invention of the immobiliser. An immobiliser is an electronic device which is attached to the ignition system. As the name of this device suggests, its job is to immobilise the engine. When your car is parked, the immobiliser will prevent anyone from hot-wiring the engine. The immobiliser can only be switched off by a special electronic chip which is inserted into the body of your car key. When the key is placed in the ignition, the chip sends a message to the immobiliser, which disables it so you can start the car. If anyone attempts to start the car using a duplicate key, it will not work because the immobiliser will not be switched off.


A car alarm can make anyone attacking your vehicle think twice. Most classic cars do not have alarms as a standard feature. A car alarm will be triggered if anyone smashes a window, opens a door or attempts to start the engine without the key. When the alarm is triggered, the horn will sound, and the hazard lights will flash, which will attract attention to the fact your vehicle is under attack. For further information, you should contact an auto locksmith