Can't Open Your Safe? Four Times You Will Need a Locksmith to Open Your Safe

Just like their cousins, the padlock, safes have been manufactured and used for centuries. Whether it's a small home safe or a large company safe, it's easy to be drawn to purchasing a safe. There is always something you prize and would like to keep safe be it documents, jewellery, and other prized possessions.

Sometimes basic security measures may not cut it when it comes to protecting your belongings, and this is where the safe comes into play. However, as useful as safes are, they can be incredibly inconvenient and worrisome when they refuse to open.  

Once you're locked out of your safe, you will require the help of a locksmith to get back into it. Here are some of the reasons why you will need professional help to open your safe.

Lost the key or safe combination

Losing the key or forgetting your safe's combination is the most obvious or common reason for needing a locksmith. Similar to a house lockout or a car lockout, a safe lockout is more common than you think. Once you place your possessions in a safe, it's likely you lock it for a long period without accessing your safe. If you don't lock and unlock your safe often, it's easy to forget where you hid the key or the combination you used.

Most safes have backup measures to prevent anyone from forcing their way in. However, a professional locksmith has the required expertise to carefully bypass backup measures without damaging the contents of your safe.

Jammed safe bolts

It's not always your fault that the safe has become impenetrable. There are times your safe won't open even with the proper key and combination.  This can be as a result of jammed bolts that occur when bolts become misaligned or due to lack or regular safe maintenance. Once the safes bolts are jammed, there is no easy DIY alternative other than calling a locksmith.

Damaged wiring

Internal damage to wiring in electronic safes can be the reason why you are locked out of your safe. Damage to wiring means the communication between the keypad and the locking bolts is interrupted and it will be nearly impossible to open your safe unless you reach out to a locksmith.

Safe lockout mode engaged

Although it can be an inconvenience to you, this is a feature to admire. When it happens, it means your safe is working admirably on your behalf. Similar to a modern phone, if the incorrect code is entered multiple times, your safe will shut down to prevent a break-in.

Again, once this happens, it's best to leave it to the professionals.