Should You Upgrade Your Home's Locks? Here Are Five Signs You Should

Occasionally, you may want to change the locks on your home. Wondering if you should consider an upgrade? If you meet any of the following criteria, you may want to look into new locks.

1. You Think Other People May Have the Keys

If you've moved into a new rental property or even if you have recently bought a new home, the old tenants or owners may have a copy of the keys. In these situations, you may want to consider putting in new locks or having the current locks rekeyed. Similarly, if a roommate has recently moved out or if a nanny or housekeeper has left your service, you may also want new locks,

2. Your Locks Have Been Broken Into

Once your locks have been broken into, they likely lose a lot of integrity. To ensure they can continue to keep you safe, you may want to replace them. To help prevent future break-ins, you may want to opt for stronger locks, metal door jambs or other safety upgrades.

3. You Want to Track Who's Coming and Going

If you have lots of people coming and going out of your house, you may want locks that can help you track that. For example, if you get locks where each user has their own code, that can create a record of who is opening the door at different times.

4. You Want More Technology Infused in Your Locks

Tracking who is coming and going is only one technological element you may want to add to your locks. You may also want to consider other types of technological upgrades. For example, maybe you want a biometric lock that you can open with your fingerprint.

Maybe, you want a lock connected to a video doorbell so you can see who is at your door and unlock the door remotely. Maybe you want locks that you can open and close with a smartphone app. There are all kinds of possibilities. A mobile or emergency locksmith can help you figure out the right technological approach for you.

5. You Can Open Your Door Without Unlocking It

If you push hard against your door and it opens, that is a sign that the locks aren't working as they should. It's also a sign that your door jamb may need metal reinforcements. Remember, even a super strong deadbolt can be compromised by a weak door frame.