How to choose the right locks and security systems for your data centre

Data centres face unique challenges when it comes to security. If unauthorised persons end up gaining access, they can cause extensive damage to your business operations. This is because data centres control much more than IT infrastructure. They also contain important electronic resources that can be used to access CCTV cameras, electronic door locks and much more.

Therefore, the importance of securing your data centre cannot be overemphasised. Here's how you can select the right locking systems to ensure that all your business data remains safe. A locksmith can also help you decide which locks to get. 

1. It starts with access control

Access control refers to restricting entry points across the business to authorised personnel. An access control plan also involves putting in place certain restrictions that specify who has access to which parts of the premises at any given time.

Your data centre should have a strict access control policy in place to ensure that only authorised workers can gain entry. The policy should also be clear to any new managers, so they don't end up mistakenly allowing the wrong people in.

2. Use programmable locks

Along with access control, you should use programmable locks on all doors leading inside the data centre. Programmable locks come in many different forms, including electronic locks, keypads and smart locks.

The basic idea is to have the ability to change codes on a regular basis. For example, the morning shift of workers should have a different set of access codes from the evening shift. This will ensure that morning staff members can't access the data centre during evening hours without prior permission, and vice versa. 

3. Have safes installed for your valuables

There should be additional layers of security once someone accesses your data centre. For example, critical servers, hard drives or other connectivity devices should be locked up in safes that only management personnel can access.

In this way, a breach on the main door won't necessarily result in complete data risks. The safes can be locked via electronic or combination locks. They should also be disguised so that only the right people know where to locate them. 

4. Install alarms connected to your door locks

In addition to programmable locks, you should also add alarms and security cameras. The door alarms should trigger automatically if any unauthorised access is attempted. In addition, surveillance cameras can record live footage, which will reveal the identity of potential intruders.

With a complete locking and surveillance system in place, your data centre will remain safer against any potential targets. To learn more, contact your local locksmith